About SJ Tours & Allied Services

SJ Tours & Allied Services Limited (SJTAS), your preferred Lifestyle Coach and Destination/Experience Managers with its niche in West Africa was incorporated on the 26th of May 1999 to ease planning and organizing first class recreation and travel in West Africa. SJ Tours & Allied Services Limited successfully organised its maiden tour to the Republic of Benin on the 23rd of July 1999.

To deliver quality service at a reasonable cost thus ensuring our client's experience is memorable.

Focus on West Africa as a hub is because of a developing interest in the African Continent, its history, rich cultures, topography, historical monuments, friendly people and the dearth of information on this part of the world makes it a relatively unexplored region.

Furthermore, the serene nature and untapped beauty of the places and sites to be visited, creates a heightened sense of peace and pleasure which is the essence of Leisure. This essence is affirmed by our name, SJ, initials for Simi Jaiye (Yoruba names) which mean REST and ENJOY.

Our knowledge of West Africa, experienced partners, prudent management of resources without compromising quality, and attention to detail ensures that our client has a memorable experience.

Our scope of operations includes:

a) Planning and management of

b) Identifying tourist hotspots for prompt dissemination to clients.

c) In-depth studies of the client’s request and the design of leisure or business activities tailored to meet specific needs.

d) Logistics support services which leaves nothing to chance, and provides:

We also:

Our clientele comprises companies, institutions, families, individuals, keen travellers who have developed an interest in West Africa and appreciate the concept of leisure.

Their quest for a stress free rewarding experience has crystallized in launching the SJ Travel club, which bestows a wide range of benefits.

The collective MISSION of SJ Travel Club members is to use Tourism as a vehicle for promoting integration, trade and business amongst ECOWAS countries thereby fostering attitudinal change and increasing wealth in the sub-region.

Your answer is YES to the following questions…. SJ Tours and Allied services is for you!!!

All we need is your brief, and a safe, fun filled tour of West Africa begins… Attractive and within your Budget.

All you have to do is Think it, Communicate it and Leave the planning to us.